Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my poem...

These wings of an angel are hidden behind a fear that someone will hear her sad songs as the darkness grows near. The skies they arent so clear. her eyes stare back at the mirror. her silent sobs break the night. She fears she can no longer fight. This is a new great height. She can not take flight. So she burries her head dispite. Dispite the odds of winning, dispite the odds of failing. She lays there and sighs. Her heart seems to be breaking. As her wings keep on shaking. She closes her eyes to dream.

Ants in my kitchen and some other junck

Its been a while..a long while.
i have decided to write something.
My thoughts...since i have matured ( HA not)
SOOO There is a special someone who has decided that they want to be me...hehehe imposible..but yes this poor girl is copying me in every freaken way. HEY chicka im not that dramatic and you are over dramatizeing everything :) but then agian it makes my day so keep on goin.
Anyways jessy Mcartney...has now become a babe in my book.
I have been eating ranch dressing every day...pretty sick
Today a random boy at school asked me to dance in the rain with him..pretty sure were gettin married now.
I hope life is treating you all is doin pretty darn good for me....
AAHHH i wrote a song on the guitar!
my twin at the moment is sitting on the kitchen floor trying to get little ants into a little home..they wont go in so she is angry.She is now forcing them in.
So i guess ants are somehow coming from under the stove into my kitchen...anyone know how to get rid of a bunch of little ants???