Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lies behind your eyes

You sit there and judge.
Judge with your eyes..
Your heart..........
Your soul.........
I sit there all alone
I wonder why
Why can someone be so horrid?
you dont know me..
You dont know anyone..
And yet you still judge..
You dont know if my life is horrible
Or if its amazing..
Yet you still judge
Aware of the things that may come..
Yet you still do it..
I never ment to make you hate me..
I never did anything to you
Who gives you the right to lie
to hurt with out thought
i know god doesnt..
So who then?
You complain about your life
When in reality its not that bad
Lots of people have it worse.
Open your eyes to your faluts.
I have forgiven you..
Why cant you forgive your self?
You laugh
thinking so what
I hate her
Ill hurt her back..
but dont..
i cant deal with anything else
everyone has some good in them
Where is yours?
You hate me
but try to be me
why do you have lies behind your eyes?

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