Thursday, January 28, 2010

bottle it up.

Right now im feeling completely lost.
The world is spinning so fast im out of control.
I only feel like crying, hideing, screaming.
These feelings inside are not suposed to be there.
Nighmares keep me from sleep.
Believeing that it could get better keeps me going.
My eyes have stoped crying as if i have run out of tears.
these scars will never heal.
these wounds will never seal.
My hands are shaking.
My heart is breaking.
Faith is shaping into fear.
breathing harder.
So blank.
Minds gone far away.
Eyes gone cloudy.
I cant see the light anylonger.
I cant hold on.
Help the one small word i can not say.
Pain is growing.
im no angel.

this isnt really a poem..i just felt like writing a little about how i feel right this moment..i know kinda emo

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