Tuesday, January 12, 2010


mmm mmm coconuts are delishious..
of course i was thinking about how coconuts could have gotten its name..
Okay so of course they kinda look like a nut..a very large nut.
And they kinda look like monster coco puffs...hence the name coco.
Put them to gether and what do you get COCONUTS!!!!
okay so here is the story..
this dude was walking along the beaches of Hawaii
Ladi dadi dah and then kaboom!
he gets nocked on the head by a large brown thing that feel out of the tree.
Of course he goes a little coo coo from the nock on the head and he sits there for a min trying to regain his total mental awarness and stuff.
He looks at this thing.
Picks it up.
Smells it.
Tastes it.
He then decides its a nut.
But He did get hitt on the head sooo
he also decides its a coco puff on steriods.
so he put the names together and came out with coconuts.
so he goes home and tells his friends about it and then yeah it just became known as coconuts.

the end

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