Sunday, January 10, 2010


Nightmares are something i know everyone is in some way scared of.
They are things your parents or lover or anyone can not protect you from.
When they come there is no telling the affects they will have on us after we wake.
Days after we will close our eyes and still see the haunting dream.
No one can ever understand how horrifying the dreams were but us.
We constantly tell ourselfs that they are dreams, they mean nothing,just relax.
Some nightmares are not scarey at all just disturbing.
Maybe all the sudden your married to the person who annoys you most..that could be very disturbing.
Or maybe your hair falls out and your teeth fall out so you wake up fast and hitt your head and give yourself a nasty little cut...haha oh memories.
Anyways i dont know why i am talking about nightmares..but i am about to go to sleep and i was thinking hmm i have a blog..maybe i should check it then i got carried away and started gonna stop myself now.
so goodnight all you lovely people.
Sleep well..unless you live on the opposite side of the world then GOOD MORNING sunshine!

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