Saturday, January 23, 2010


There was a man in World War two who was in one of the camps. He had every thing taken from him, Cothes, food, warmth, good health. The thing about this man was he decided that they could take everything from him but his ability to be happy. Every day this man decided he was going to be happy no matter what happened..and he did.
All of the prisoners looked to this man as a leader because of his kindness, happiness, and wisdom. He survied with his happiness.
If we are able to be just like this man and just be happy no matter what life throws at us we will survie anything. He was able to just see the good in all not what was bad. Even though he was being worked to the bone with very little food, water, clothing, sleep, and warmth he was still happy. No one can take away our happiness no matter how hard they try. Life is good.. some people say there are things you cant get through or get over them..but we can as long as we survie.
You have gotten this far in life and you have done a good job at survieing so keep on going..and be happy

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