Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kristina's party

Okay so...My dad had this amazing work party at this funky building.
I mean there was ice skating on the roof, arts and crafts, movies, WII, oo and adult WII....
Plus there was a very awesome surprise party for a girl named Karistina....
This building was very confusing and Kristinas party was smack dap in the middle of it all so most people ended up going to this chicks party..ME and my sisters and friend went and sat on this random couch by Kristina's party.
As we sat on this couch we started making fun of this party was quite funny actually..
Okay so we just kept laughing and laughing then all the sudden it went quite as they brang Kristina up the stairs with a bag over her head..we decided it would be mean to tell kristina happy birthday that very moment..:)
After they all scream happy birthday a bunch of them ran out and were screaming i call shot gun to get her..
We decided that they got the wrong Kristina...
haha they went to find the right one!!!
yeah so we just kept crackin jokes all night long...:)
Finally it ended up being just my friend and i sitting on the couch laughing..
this lady came up and told us we had to leave...we looked at each other and said " can you hear what she is saying?" ( in a def persons voice.) she looked at us and surprisingly she knew sign we looked at each other and said " do you understand what she is signing?" ( in the def voice.) finally we looked at each other and said " she is scareing me lets go" ha then we left....

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