Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing to say..

At first i never know what to write about on a blog as you can see...
Right now i am looking at a boy..who is quite strange ( im in school FYI) he likes to listen to music very loudly..kinda sounds like harry potter music..
I now think he is very cool...
Today was kinda the same old boring day that i usually have..but today was my last day at this school..cuz i am now going back to my old school..:)
kinda excited..kinda not.
Hmmm there are alot of deep things on my mind right now that i could write about but im not sure if i want to..i like to write about things that will make people smile at my weirdness..i dont like people to know about how i am sad cuz of a certain reason..i dont need pitty parties for me :)
Right this very moment i could tell you every thing that upsets me, makes me cry, makes me angry..what i see and think about when i close my eyes...but hey whats the fun in that? i might write about that soon though.

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