Thursday, January 14, 2010

What happened to my fishies???

Well okay i had ten fishies at the top of my blog...
Now their are two...
One black.
One white..
HA in the avatar cartoon thingy their are two important fishies one black one white..the white one is like the moon spirit..then black one is bad..idk
So i decided OMG i am going to have The avatar fishie thing!!
YEs i thought i should just put your minds at rest by telling you what happend to my fishies so you wont worry about it :)
Well i just watched a disturbing movie called "the devils back bone" with my mom..
i didnt like kinda scared me..i dont get scared..this movie is just im gonna eat some food and hitt the sack.
So good night sleepy head :) or good morning sunshine :)...what ever floats your boat

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