Saturday, January 16, 2010

The way i am.

Im the kinda person who bottles everything up untill i explode.
I think that crying infront of people is a sign of not saying you are weak if you have cried infront of people. hahha to me it only applies to me.
I never tell people what is wrong with me..its just hard to.
After i let it all out i feel so stupid and dramatic so i just kinda beat myself up about it so i never do it again.
I try so hard to put up this wall so that no one can get in and hurt me or make me sad but this wall is just making things worse.
People get so sick of it when i will not tell them what is wrong and i hate it but im trying to fix my little issue but its hard.
..i say but alot.
I try not to let things get to me and im super good at hiding it when they do but i relized i am a very sensitive person hahaha oooo that like hurt my fingers to even type that but its true and it sucks..
But yeah dont know why i wrote about feels good to kinda get it off my chest though.

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