Thursday, January 7, 2010

lord of the rings.

Lord of the rings is an amazing movie!
i watched all of the movies in one day.
I decided that Pipin is the hot hobbit.
ooo and when he sings..i think i played that part again and again about 25 times.
The movies are just so cool with the dragons and little people and men with beards and oxen thingys.
My older sister mads calls the dragons linguinis....dont know how that happend
she also calls the dragon riders death eaters...sorry mads..wrong movie!
Me and my sisters are not dorks or anything we just enjoy things that most girls wont admit to loving.
but Mads does admit she is a nerd...thanks for being honest dear haha
With me and my sisters never have a dull moment in our life.
Sorry for getting of subject but yes lord of the rings watch them all...or your not cool!!

1 comment:

  1. pipin is a hot hobbit. i played that part over like a million times cuz its amazing!