Thursday, January 14, 2010

Embarrassing moment!!

so yes i am feeling open right now..soo it is embarrassing moment time!!!
okay let me think..hmm
Okay so i love to dance..alot.
And i do tend to do ugly dancing just to make people laugh including myself..;)
Okay so i was in Los Vegas with my mom, my sisters, and a family friend jamie.
We went to the nascar caffee or what ever thing and took pictures by the Race cars..yes highlight of my day right there.
Okay so no one was looking so i thought so a awesome song came on so i decided to break out the ugly dancing..haha
so there i am ugly dancing away and i hear some boys yelling " Oh Yeah shake it girl! hahaha!! move it move it." i stop my moves very fast as i see this group of very good looking boys walk past laughing there butts cheeks quickly turned bright red.
My mom then turned around and looked at my angerly and said " alex stop it. Your making all thoughs old men look at you!"
I never knew how red my cheeks could turn untill that day...all the men at the bar were stairing at me..some were laughing so were just looking..we walked away fast.
Ha after a couple mins of non stop laughing i decided to show my moves again...and once again there were thoughs good lookin boys laughing at me...

Yeah...i have to think of another just hang on untill i post a new one :)

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