Sunday, January 24, 2010

what the heck is up with the love?!

hmm okay so when you like a boy and he doesnt like you back it kinda sucks..i get that. And when a boy likes you ALOT and you just cant find thoughs feelings for the poor boy that sucks as well.
Boys: if you like a girl TELL her we dont catch on very need to just let us know..and if you dont like us then please tell us we dont like to be led on for no darn reason what so ever..we just get angry.
Girls: If you like a boy tell him also..boys do NOT get hints..they are quite slow ( no offence but its so true) so just tell them if they dont like you back then oh well there are LOTS of boys in this big blue world and one of them in bound to be head over heels in love with you.
Never hold on to the past it gets you no where in the present.
Sometimes wanting something is not need to make it happen and you can.
Just watch lion king..they have good songs about love with some advice hidden in the lyrics :)
I hate it when you say the wrong thing to a guy and you just blow it..yeah happens alot haha me and love are not very yes.
Try to get to know the person before you decide you love them or it tends to not end well.
I know how hard it is to not be jelous but do try not to be..even though it can be cute..boys *cough cough* but to much is just alittle scary.
Just cuz i am a girl doesnt mean i look at it at only the girls angle..k it kinda does but i mean i get it guys you do try hard and us girls are picky but just hang on for a little bitt longer we will come around..we always do.
K..ive got school tomorrow...yay..blah
SO time for bed goodnight

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